Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stay-cation/Desperate Housewives Marathon

This past week I have been on my Stay-cation. Yes, that is my vaction where I stayed right at home. I caught up on laundry and most importantly caught up on the most amazing show ever!! Desperate Housewives!! I love that show (thank you Heather for introducing it to me) and now I am finally caught up with the exception for season 7 which is playing now. I hope to have that season caught up before season 8 comes on. I hope there will be a season 8.

Lets introduce the main characters, shall we?! I think so! (maybe this will explain why I like LOVE this show so much!)

Lynette Scavo:

Lynette is a strong willed, working mom. Who loves her kids and loves her husband with all that she has. Her and Tom have a great "average" marraige that goes through hard times but in the end resolves their issues. Lynette is extrememly smart and I would love to be a strong woman like her.

Bree Van De Camp:

Bree Van De Camp is a smart, tactful and polite person. She hasn't always made the best decisions for her or her kids but she tries really hard to be a good person and great mom. She loves to cook and be a suzy home-maker. (She would be great for the blogging world with all the recipes, cleaning, and crafts!)

Susan Myer:

Susan is polite, wity, and very funny. She works hard for what she has and takes pride in all the little things. She knows what she want and when she wants it and she usually gets it. Susan makes her mistakes and isn't afraid to ask for forgiveness, in turn she is also a very forgiving person herself.

Gaby Solis:

Gaby is crazy all together! She is an ex-model trying to make it as a suburban housewife. She tries her best but she has her flaws. But where she flaws she makes up in beauty. She loves her little girls and her husband (sometimes).

Yes, I know these are made up characters but I love this show just for these girls. They symbolize greatness and that it is ok to make mistakes. I swear if you watch one good episode, you will be sucked in!
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  1. I feel the same way! I love your blog katie :)