Friday, February 25, 2011

A Story That Touched My Heart.....

I just saw this extremely sad story today. The Staats family lost someone so special to their hearts on February 17th, 2011. Maddie, 4 months old, was with her babysitter when she stopped breathing. They rushed to the hospital but their was nothing they could do. As soon as I read the story I couldn't help but stop everything that I was doing to say a prayer for her and her family and I'll be sure to say another prayer for them before I go to sleep tonight. Please keep the Staats family in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this tough time. Be sure to thank God everyday for all the little things that you still have, because you never know if they will be there tomorrow. I hope the family doesn't mind me posting this. It just really touched my heart and opened my eyes to be very greatful and I hope it does for every one.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Milkshake Madness!!

A few weeks ago, not even sure what day, we (Me, Chris, and Mel) were at my sister's house just hangin' out, as usual. Then a light bulb went off in Chris's head that we should have a movie and milkshake night. Before it was even decided on whether or not we were actually going to, he had already told the little ones. And we all know you can't tell kids about milkshakes and not do it (just for the record, I couldn't have said no to milkshakes)!! So the ladies scurried off to the store to get the stuff to make the best milkshakes ever!!! We came back and Brandi was the one to run the heavy duty machinery blender. We had a few people want strawberry (my fav!), chocolate, and vanilla. We just bought a BIG tub of vanilla ice cream and added all the necessary flavoring to get the right flavor. Here is our Milkshake Madness!!

Here was the messy counter. Blender, chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, vanilla, and frozen strawberries (genius idea!!). So messy but soooo delicious!!

First we did vanilla. (We had to wait for the frozen strawberries to de-thaw.) Oops, I don't have a picture of the vanilla!

Next we did the chocolate:

Chocolate milkshake with Reece's Peanut Butter Cups drizzled with Chocolate syrup and topped with MORE Reece's Peanut Butter Cup!!! Talk about scrumptious!!!

Next was the best one ever!! Strawberry Milkshake!!!!

(Sorry kinda blurry) This is vanilla ice cream with frozen strawberries and a little bit of strawberry syrup. I already want some more just looking at it!!

Looks great right?! Well we're not done! Yeah, there's more!

Oh yeah! We sooo went there. It makes sense right. I mean, chocolate covered strawberries are delicious, why not add chocolate to a strawberry milkshake?


Beautiful! I actually didn't expect the chocolate to stay on top but it did for the short time it was still in my cup. :)

So yummy!! You really need to do the frozen strawberries if you haven't already!! AND it is starting to get warmer outside so it makes the perfect dessert or afternoon snack with the kiddos!!

Have you made any yummy milkshakes lately? What is your favorite flavor? Do you have any recipes we should try?

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

iPhone Photography

A couple weekends ago I "dabbled" in some iPhone Photography. Yes, I used my iPhone to take pictures at the good ol' Wal-Mart. Me and my niece, Britni, were killing time while my sister, Brandi, was checked the sodium on everything and decided on some a lot of groceries for the week. Anyway, me and Britni started taking pictures of the Fruit and Veggies. I don't remember my reasoning and the next thing you know, Britni is saying "here put this like this" and "oh wait that has a black spot" and "turn list sideways". She was my trusty assistant. So here are our results. Some came out kind of blurry but remember, iPhone Photography is not going to be perfect.

Avocado. Britni wasn't a supporter of the Acocado. I do remember her not helping and saying "ewwww".

Bell Peppers. We decided to make this one colorful!!

Broccoli. Love brocolli. This was the first picture taken and Britni was standing next to her mom convincening her to buy something because, "dad would like this, it's healthy" and Brandi saying "it's not healthy BUT if you want it go ahead" :). Then Britni saw what I was doing and decided to help and be a part of this easy, mindless, fun, "photography".

Cucumbers!! Gotta love the cucumbers!!

Green Apples. These delicious apples definitely don't look like they are in the best shape. Where was Britni on this one?

Green Beans. They look poorly colored. Like they aren't at there prime or something.

Green Peppers. MMmmm!!!

Habanero Peppers! We definitely didn't adjust these. Just touching these, and rubbing your eyes can be a catastrophe. Go ahead and YouTube people eating it. I promise they aren't being overly dramatic. On a better note, I think this picture turned out the best.

Jalapenos. They look a little wilted and shriveled.

Limes!! I could eat these like oranges. I know, it's terrible for your teeth but I love them!

Pineapples. I am still trying to master cutting one of these. But the hard work is definitely worth it.

So what did we learn here? Maybe not all of Wal-Marts produce is the best? NO, that it doesn't matter what your taking a picture with you can capture the essence of anything, depending on the moment......and what it is. Ok that didn't make any sense I just wanting there to be a good reason why I did this.

Have you taken any pictures of produce? Do you like the fruits and veggies at Wal-Mart? What about any favorite fruit and vegetables I didn't capture?

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm Engaged!!

Yup you read the heading right! I'm engaged!! On Valentine's Day, Chris surprised me with the best gift ever!! I was so excited I couldn't even speak. I, of course, said yes. After all, he is the love of my life!! In the spirit of weddings, here are some wedding inspirations that I really like.

 I really like these as centerpieces for the tables. AND those are the flowers that I really like.

I LOVE this simple white cake with a few flower accents. Except I would put an M on the top of the cake or a Heart cake topper.


I love the short dresses with cowboy boots. I wouldn't do the dresses pink, they will probably be brown with pink flowers.

TOO cute! To go right along with my southern style/ country themed wedding.

Cute little favors!

Too precious. This is so pretty.

Beautiful pink flowers. I don't know what kind is in this arrangement but I love all the different pinks.

So cute with the little mason jar and of course would be pink flowers.

Another cute favor with the mason jar.

Cute arrangement of refreshments.

I think this is cute especially for picutres.

Beautiful and simple.

I like this but I don't like the ivy.

Cute little (DIY) Welcome sign.

So nature like!! heehee. Not a very soft cushion for the guest rumps.

All the pictures came from The perfect website for anything wedding.

Here are just a few things that I like and seem very reachable. It's not like diamond floors and $3000 dresses. I still haven't decided what the guys will wear but we are still have time to figure that out. I am starting my gues list and hope to have that done by the end of the week. I've got my bridesmaids and Chris has his groomsman. So we are planning, planning and more planning!!!

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

The HunnyBee BumbleBee

Ok, I know this isn't a post about crafting or cooking or decorating, then again neither was the Desperate Houswives post or the Jenny McCarthy Books post, but it's just too cute to resist. We were at Kroger (local Grocery store) shopping for our Milkshake Movie Night (more on that later) and came across this cute little guy sitting on a shelf next to the Valentine's Day stuff. I saw one at Wal-Mart the weekend before, but I just had to take a picture of it this time.

(Sorry for the ill-quality picture. It was taken with an iPhone.)

Now that I have started the HunnyBee Blog, it just seems that everywhere I go there are Bumble Bees all around and I just think this little guy is precious. We bought Melania the Unicorn for Christmas and she is in love with these Pillow-Pets. Even my 14 years niece, Britni, loves them. I just wish I could think of a genius idea like this one. It is a stuffed animal that doubles as a pillow. I mean come on, how did someone think of that? Something so simple and people are paying $20 a pop for one of these. Or how about the fake hillbilly or vampire teeth. So impractical yet people buy it. Now I'm on a mission! But first I need to get this little guy as a mascot for the HunnyBee Blog!!

Have you seen anything cute that melted your heart? How about a toy or product that just made you say "people pay money for that"? Does your son or daughter have a Pillow-Pet? Is there a Pillow-Pet that you think is adorable?

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stay-cation/Desperate Housewives Marathon

This past week I have been on my Stay-cation. Yes, that is my vaction where I stayed right at home. I caught up on laundry and most importantly caught up on the most amazing show ever!! Desperate Housewives!! I love that show (thank you Heather for introducing it to me) and now I am finally caught up with the exception for season 7 which is playing now. I hope to have that season caught up before season 8 comes on. I hope there will be a season 8.

Lets introduce the main characters, shall we?! I think so! (maybe this will explain why I like LOVE this show so much!)

Lynette Scavo:

Lynette is a strong willed, working mom. Who loves her kids and loves her husband with all that she has. Her and Tom have a great "average" marraige that goes through hard times but in the end resolves their issues. Lynette is extrememly smart and I would love to be a strong woman like her.

Bree Van De Camp:

Bree Van De Camp is a smart, tactful and polite person. She hasn't always made the best decisions for her or her kids but she tries really hard to be a good person and great mom. She loves to cook and be a suzy home-maker. (She would be great for the blogging world with all the recipes, cleaning, and crafts!)

Susan Myer:

Susan is polite, wity, and very funny. She works hard for what she has and takes pride in all the little things. She knows what she want and when she wants it and she usually gets it. Susan makes her mistakes and isn't afraid to ask for forgiveness, in turn she is also a very forgiving person herself.

Gaby Solis:

Gaby is crazy all together! She is an ex-model trying to make it as a suburban housewife. She tries her best but she has her flaws. But where she flaws she makes up in beauty. She loves her little girls and her husband (sometimes).

Yes, I know these are made up characters but I love this show just for these girls. They symbolize greatness and that it is ok to make mistakes. I swear if you watch one good episode, you will be sucked in!
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