Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hello Everyone (or No one, whatever),

I'm new to the "blogging world". However, I have done my homework. There are many blogs that I personally LOVE and follow all the time but I'll get to those eventually. Anything to do with home renovations/decor, cooking, weddings, and babies/kids are right up my alley. I love everything about them and even though I am no suzie homemaker, I try to be. With this being my first blog, I do not expect a lot of feedback but that's ok! In due time, I hope to have a million followers and a lot to say. Just a preview of what I would like to post about would be cooking, cooking with the little ones, crafts, DIY projects, home decor, and much much more!! I hope to include as many pictures as I can, a long with any struggles I had along the way. I would love to include the holidays and any other special occasion that may occur around our house. Just because I do something one way doesn't mean you can't do it differently or put a spin on it and call it your own. Well, I'm going to get started on my first project, or maybe just brainstorming it and I'll get back to ya. 

Happy Blogging!