Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Melt In Your Mouth Deer Meat

I guess the proper word would be venison but I'm not a professional cook or an Iron Chef, so lets be real. It's deer meat. You can color it up how you please but it came from a deer. Just like beef is cow and chicken is obviously chicken. HOWEVER, there is something about deer meat that is soo much better. It taste great, its lean, healthy (depending on how you cook it) and its pure. Think about it. Cows and chickens are power-fed with steroids and it just doesn't even sound good for you. Some people say the don't like it because it tastes "gamey". Well whoever cooked it, didn't do something right. Others don't eat because they just refuse. Which is fine, I respect that. All I ask is that you give it a try. Yes, it may be Bambi's dad BUT the bacon you ate this morning was one of the 3 Little Piggies. Now that I have got that out of the way on to the recipe!

Chris has been begging me to post this.

This recipe is very easy. It doesn't take any specific measurements. Just eye-ball it.

Start with these:

  • Some minced garlic
  • Steak Seasoning
  • BBQ Sause
  • Dale's Seasoning (I use low sodium because Dale's has a good flavor but really salty)
  • Steak Sauce
  • Garlic Salt or Powder.
Put the deer meat (tenderloin) in a bowl. Add all the ingredients. A small spoon of minced garlic, sprinkle of the garlic salt/powder and steak seasoning and a drizzle on everything else. I like to mix it with a fork and poke it a few times to get the seasoning really in there. I cooked mine on a broil pan, which kind of dried it out and made it more like jerky but you can cook it on a cookie sheet. I didn't even time it because you can just tell when it is done. I would say it took about 15-20 minutes to cook maybe even less. It will also depend on the cut of the meat and the how thick it is.

Chris loved it (duh!) and Melania loved it even more! It was quite tasty and because there was a lot of seasonings going on, it didn't taste "gamey". I hope everyone at least tries.

Have you had deer meat before? Did you like it? If you don't, what don't you like about it?

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My FIRST Blog Award!

Oh my gosh! I can't believe it. I actually won a blog award from Karen & SueAnn from A Lil Bird Told Me. How exciting! Thank you soo much!

Rules for Accepting this Award:
  1. Link back to the person who gave you this award.
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
  3. Pass it along to 7 other stylishly and trendy bloggers.
  4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about their award.

Here are the 7 things you didn't know about me:
  1. I hate cleaning the kitchen. It is my most dreaded chore. For some reason, I would much rather clean the bathroom. Weird I know.
  2. I don't have the best initiative. Usually I have to be told what to do. Aside from that, the job gets done.
  3. I love Mexican food. I could eat it everyday!
  4. I'm really laid back and go with the flow! I'm the "I don't care girl". Unless I feel really strongly against something.
  5. I love babies and anything that has anything to do with them.
  6. I don't like to cry in from of people.
  7. My favorite color is pink!! Anything and everything pink!

7 Of The Greatest Blogs: (not including the one already posted above, in which they are amazing as well)
  1. Momma Go Round
  2. Pojo Fitness
  3. Fingerprints on the Fridge
  4. The Undomestic Momma
  5. Tatertots and Jello
  6. Craft-O-Matic
  7. Bake at 350
I am so very thankful I won this award. I honestly didn't think I would be winning any awards just yet. I am still learning about everything. But I am extremely honored.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Jenny McCarthy's Books

I haven't picked up a book in gosh knows how long. But I was over at my boyfriend's brother's house (wouldn't it just be easier to say brother-in-law or sister-in-law, oh well) and Heather, the brother's wife, let me borrow Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy. Before I took it home, I read a few pages and I couldn't put it down! I love it! She is extremely raw and in your face about pregnancy. So it took me a week to read the whole book. It wasn't a huge book but it was a book nonetheless. Some of the things she talks about it "Pooping on the Table", hemorrhoids, "Pycho Chick",  wearing the MuuMuu and much more.

Then I returned the book back to Heather. Only because Chris was returning some movies to them and grabbed the book too. (Otherwise I might have kept it for myself..sshhh!!). But when we returned this, she gave me her next book, Baby Laughs. By this point I am starting to fall in love with Jenny McCarthy's books. She is just so funny and isn't afraid to tell you how it is. Baby Laughs was a little bit different. Just as funny but she touches subjects most moms wouldn't. She talks about being a new mom, the troubles, the fun and everything else. Some chapters include "Move Over, Mrs. Cleaver! There's a New Bitch In Town.", "Ouch, My Udders Hurt!", "Hey Dude! Easy With That Scalple". 

So now that I have read 2 Jenny McCarthy books in 2 weeks, I had to go for more. I was in Target looking around in the book section (I don't recommend buying books from there, not a very good selection) and came across another book of hers. Love, Lust, and Faking It. Love the title, love her, sound like a great book! I started and so far she is hilarious. I didn't get to finish it yet because I haven't been home much and keep forgetting it home, I haven't been able to buckle down and read it. But so far so good!

After I get done reading this one. I really, REALLY want to read Life Laughs by Jenny McCarthy. So that is next on my list.

Is it weird I like to read pregnancy and baby books if I've never had a baby or have ever been pregnant? What book have you read lately? Any non-fiction books you love? Or maybe have a favorite author?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Projects for 2011!!

I'm now getting a little up close and personal with the craziness I call home. Not only craziness but embarrassment! I'm still in shock that I am going to be posting picture of my mess!! Desperate times call for desperate drastic embarrassing measures. I'll go down the list from not so embarrassing to really embarrassing. So here we go!

Starting from the top and going down:
  • Previous Owner Paint, etc. - This table was given to us when we were in the market for a dining room table for cheap. And we managed to beat cheap and score it for free. Even better right? When I first saw the table, I knew it needed a little work and more chairs (because it also came with a leaf [proper spelling?] for more people to sit). There is some paint spots that are neon orange and I have no idea where it came from.
  • Centerpiece or should I say "Centerpiece" because it really isn't much of one. I love that candle and a glass platter really goes with anything so I through them together so the dining room table wasn't naked after stripping it of its Christmas setting. 
  • Like I said it needs a new color or stain. I'm thinking having the top of the table a dark color to match the hutch (you will see soon enough) and the bottom white and the chairs to match. But I'm not definite on that plan yet. I would love some suggestions.
  • Again, there are only 3 chairs. We had every intention of purchasing more at Garden Ridge but we moved into a smaller house and there is only 3 of so why the hurry?

  • Change the color/stain: I want it to match the table of course but haven't decided on the color or stain or whatever. We will cross that bridge when we come to it.
  • Baby picture of Chris: Ok. This one isn't bad and I definitely don't mind it being there but I think there could be a better spot for it. 
  • Unused Frames: 2 Black picture frames that I want to put to good use but haven't gotten around to it. So where does it go...the Hutch. Why? I don't know. It's the first thing we see when we walk in the door so I guess the thought crosses our mind to stick it on there. 
  • Random stuff everywhere: The blue thing is a fishing reel (???), there is also a wall flower from Bath and Body Works and these mini little wine glasses. I'm not sure if they are supposed to be shot glasses or what but I just assume throw them away.
  • This one bullet could cover the rest: more random stuff, more random stuff, and oh yeah MORE RANDOM STUFF!! Everything from a tub of fabric, a box of mason jars, Melania's drawing stuff, and baskets of more little stuff. Melania has more drawing stuff than she knows what to do with. That is why we have every intention on having a "Arts and Crafts Room" in the next house. Which I am totally game for because I love arts and crafts. : )

Ok, this one wont take too much work.
  • The clock is not on the right time. I can't remember if the battery is dead or just not there or we are just too lazy to change it.
  • There are 2 cute little picture frames on both sides of the clock. Love it! Haven't used it!
  • The Chalkboard part of this doesn't need to be redone, however, I did just want to point out how cute I think it is. We can write little memos and things. Negative side to this is that we don't have chalk to use for it. I know Melania has chalk but where are we supposed to keep it. I don't want to have to chase down some chalk to write "Don't Forget Your Lunch".
  • I guess this one goes back to not having chalk convenient. I wrote my Mom's new house number on a sticky note and and stuck it on there. Ghetto!!

These are just Melania's dressers. We got these for free from some friends because either they bought new ones or their kids out grew them, I can't remember. (Does that make me a bad person? I know who gave it to us but I can't remember why, oops!) They are so cute and perfectly sized for her clothes. Most of her close are hung up so she doesn't even use all her draws. No draw goes empty in our house though! We use one for movies and another for little Melania sized blankets.

Uh-Oh. Here we go. The last 2 MOST embarrassing projects to do in 2011.

This is completely a total mess. I just so happen to take a picture when it was at it's worst. Typically everything is organized when I bring in new groceries from the store. I also like to think that I keep it organized and Chris doesn't but that would be just playing the blame game and no one likes that game!
  • Let's start at the top: a box of containers (which I love these containers, gifted from my lovely sister who is always practial, love her!), some cereal, chips, more stuff, and I definitely just noticed a drill. I think WTH? belongs here!
  • More food. Even though it looks like a lot, it wasn't. That was right before I went grocery shopping and before "organizing" it before putting the new groceries away.
  • Pots and Pans. Ever since we "downsized" we are limited on the cabinet space we have. So that is why we have the pots and pans shoved in there. When we try to take a pan out, it sounds like a toddler playing the drums, no joke!
  • Then we have our mild cleaners and bags. We actually don't even have a good spot to put these. Your probably thinking, under the sink, right? Well we have all the glass pans and casserole dishes and strainers and mixers and such things under there. No judging allowed!!
  • Next is what your not seeing. The doors. Where are they? Well somehow or another it came loose off the track. We were thinking it was installation error (not us, by the way) but again not playing the blame game!
  • Needless to say complete disaster!
    Oh Gosh! It's the awful bed/bedroom! Usually comfy and cozy but definitely an eyesore! Back story on the bed: We had a very nice wood (oak, I think) bed that matched the 2 dressers. But it broke. (Keep the dirty thought to yourself!) We had if for a while and it was using wood slats and missing some so needless to say, we laid that bed to rest (pun intended) over the summer. Luckily my mom had this in her guest bedroom and was oh so kindly enough to give it to us. On a positive note, it is a king instead of a queen. : )
    • Lets see, where to start?? White, wrought-iron headboard and foot board. That doesn't even sound pretty. No offense if you have one but, geez it's ugly. It even has brass "accents". Can I get another WTH?!
    • Since we went up a size in the bed, we didn't have any matching sheet. Again, I called my mom and she saved us because she had extra sheets for it. (My mom has everything, I mean EVERYTHING). 
    • Now to the foot board: Chris likes to use this has his drying rack for his towel even though we have a rack for that. But I don't really care that he uses it as that because, it kind of covers up the hideous white iron and brass.
    • I also cover it up by using jackets. It not only drys the towel, it is used as a coat rack! Isn't that just convenient. 
    • We also have junk and shoes all over the floor. Even though I have a million pairs I still complain I have none. So I'll try to remember that the next time I trip over them getting to my dresser. 
    I convinced Chris to make us a bed using Katie Bower from's Farm house style bed. Which I think (not 100% sure) she used Ana White's template/outline/whatever you call. [By the way, if you look at Katie's blog you will fall in LOVE with everything she makes. From her holiday decor, to her house decor, to her little boy, Will] I fell in the LOVE with this bed as soon as I saw. I think about it just about everyday. I know, I have issues.

    So what do you think? Have any suggestions? I would love some feedback and ideas on how to tackle this or what looks good?!

    Friday, January 14, 2011

    Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake

    I'm a little late on this post but it is too cute not to show you guys about the super cute cake. While being snowed in (in December) a certain little man named Greyson had his 1st birthday. Heather (Greyson's momma) had planned this big birthday party for everyone to be there, but ended up having to cancel because of the snowy weather. But that didn't stop us from having the traditional, messy birthday cake! So here is how it happened!!

    She started by making the Funfetti cake and cooked it in a small round cake pan and a few cup cakes. We had a few extra so we could have some of the yummy, slobberless cake.

    Then she started to do the outline of his face with chocolate icing. There were Mickey Mouse pictures all over the place to "copy".

    Then add the chocolate icing on the "ears" and around the face. Then you will add the white/vanilla icing on the lower half of the face so that you can see his eyes and mouth and nose.

    Should look like this. It will get messy but it so worth it!!

    Then do the details of the face. I can't remember what the red is but I think it is that gel icing.

    I think he liked it :)

    A lot!

    Someone else enjoyed a cupcake.

    So even though there wasn't a big party, we still had a lot of fun and I know Greyson and Melania loved the sweet treats. Do you have any cute cakes you have made for a birthday? Maybe have any T.V. or Movie character treats or cakes you have made?

    Monday, January 10, 2011

    Snowed In!!!

    SO it's snowed here in Georgia last night. and kept snowing and snowing and snowing. I think it is the most snow I've ever seen! We were at Chris' brother's house and it just kep pooring with snow! We tried to leave but that was not happening! We left and then turned right back around. We came to a stop sign in their neighborhood and coudn't stop. We slid sideways onto the next street. Scary!!! But we made it to their house and crashed out on their couches. Fun right!!! I would post a picture but I haven't uploaded them yet. Maybe tomorrow! Alright, I'm off to make a snowman! (or maybe not!) lol

    Thursday, January 6, 2011

    Out With the Old In With The New

    In the spirit of the new year, I have thrown out some old things and brought in the new! The changes you might notice right off the bat would be the new banner, the background, layout, all the good blogger stuff!!! But most importantly THE NAME!!! I went from

    Simply Katie


    I chose the name HunnyBee Blog because it just sounds cozy and friendly and I don't know it was just heavy on my heart!   

    I am sooo excited about the new changes!! 2011 has started off great!! There will be so many new projects going on. I am in a refinishing mood!! I want to build, decorate, craft, and cook like a CRAZY woman!!! Be sure to follow me to see all the new projects I will be accomplishing attempting this year!!

    Wednesday, January 5, 2011

    Happy Birthday Princess!!

    I just wanted to wish the best Princess in the world a very Happy Birthday!! Today she turned 5!!! I can't believe how fast she has grown up!!

    Happy Birthday Melania!!!