The 411

Well, there is really not much to say. I am 19 years old (20 on January 16th) and I am getting my life start (kind of already started) as an adult. I remember when I was 16/17 years old saying "me and Ashley or Stephanie or both are going to get an apartment together and do what we want when we want". Well 17 came rolling around and Ashley got pregnant and Stephanie might as well have fallen off the earth. So much had changed from 16 to 17. By 17 I was moved out of my house and lived with my sister for a short time. Of course, I almost (who am I kidding, I did) force my sister to take me to school them my mom pick me up and take me to work (thank goodness for work exit) and Brandi picking me back up from work. She was my savior! Then the G-Pa got me a car and that was the start of me paying my own bills. It started with gas, then car insurance (which was through my sister and she was definitely more than lenient). Then Chris and I became "official". We didn't hesitate to move in together. He says I "ninjad" my way into his house but he loves me so he didn't mind. So here we are! Chris and I have been together for 2(ish) years and still going strong! He also has a daughter named Melania who is 4 years old and is the smartest little girl I have ever met. I of course have to break down my family. My mom, Sabrina, my older sister Brandi, my little brother John, My dad (who passed away in 2006) Kent. Everyone is more than welcome to comment on any posts and tell me how you feel (I encourage it, please!). I want you to tell me if my recipes are terrible or amazing, if my decorations are ugly or out of date, or if my crafts are lame. You can also email me at!