Sunday, September 4, 2011

What is wrong with me??

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Ok. I'm super sorry. As a matter of fact it is completely unacceptable! Forgive me?? Anyway I've either been super busy or super lazy. I finally have a phone i can do posts on. Hopefully. So here is a quick little run down. My bestest friend is expecting a little one so i can stop sending her pictures. I also just got my first sewing machine but it is broken so i have to fix it. School just started and we have a kindergartener on our hands. However u would think she is 15. I also made melania a t-shirt. (i say made but i just kinda decorated it) but still. And i have to admit....i have become a....pinterest junkie. I can't help it. Its like i have everything all at once in my face and it is simply amazing. If u haven't joined your totally missing out. that recaps it. Hopefully i will be back next week!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

10 Things...

Sorry I went MIA last week. Not sure what happen. I blinked and the week was over. It is very rare that I do a post on Monday so embrace it! I wanted to talk about 10 Things you don't know about me.....depending on who you are. I don't think most of the people close to me know ALL of these things. They probably know most but doubt it. So here we go:

1) I want to learn how to sew. I want to be able to make cute tops, purses, pillows, curtains, everything.
2) I online window shop A LOT! I go on clothes stores, shoe stores, home decor stores, anything and everything. And I LOVE to find new places or new people on Etsy!
3) I LOVE music! Everything I do there is music involved. I don't discriminate either. I love rap, rock, country, pop, everything!
4) With that being said, my inner soul wants to dance all the time SO bad but I don't for fear of embarrassment. I can't dance, so it would be more movement than actually dancing. Even if I'm locked in a room by myself, I can't just break out into random dance, like Torrance on Bring It On. If you don't know what I'm talking about just go with it.
5) With THAT being said, I care waayy too much about what other people think! I'm not afraid of sharing my opinion but I don't act or dress they I really want to because I care a lot about what other people say/think. It's a major down fall.
6) I believe in love/romantic movies. I think that it can happen. They may be naive of me but I think that everyone has their own fairytale. I totally believe everyone has their own romantic-love-mushy-movie. Whether it is funny or dramatic.
7) I really want me and Chris to take dance lessons. Not like once or twice. I want it to become a hobby of some kind. Like Dancing with the Stars style. I think Chris would enjoy it. He loves to dance. I do believe we watched Dirty Dancing one time and the exact words came out of his mouth "I can dance like that". I died laughing!
8) I want to learn how to do my hair aside from straightening and scrunching my hair. I just learned how to french braid my hair but I want cute up-dos like Lauren Conrad. I love the cute messy look.
9) I am really extremely bad about making excuses. I make excuses all the time. No matter what the case. I'll make an excuse. Which sucks because I regret it later.
10) I research more about workouts and healthy recipes than actually doing them. I will say when I was (i know thats another story for later *sad face*), I would print out workouts and I did try them. Have you ever tried working out from a piece of paper? Yeah well it's hard. And al the healthy recipes were expensive and I didn't have ANY of the ingredients at home. They were all extremely random and something I would only use once.

Can you relate to any of these? Any tips on how to fill my "I wants"? Do you use some of your down falls as motivation and how do you overcome them?

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pictures Without Pictures

I am a picture FANATIC!! I love pictures. Especially in my house. Not necessarily all over the place and I know there are certain areas of the house that aren't suitable for pictures. Like the bathroom. Who wants to look at a beautiful picture of my family while they are on the commode. But I also love pictures that aren't pictures!! I like messages or cutsy stuff! They go great with a picture collage or in somewhere like a bathroom or laundry room. (I'm really bad about this but I'm getting better. I can't remember where I got all these pictures. I wish I could give credit where credit is due but I just didn't make note of it. So if you know where they came from let me know and I'll give them a shout out. Again, so sorry!)

This isn't exactly a picture. But it is still really cute and totally DIY!

How great is this quote? It's nice to have inspirational words around your house. Your guests will read it and their mood will instantly turn around.

This would be so cute in a nursery. It has the alphabet and I love you!

This would go great with a collage of pictures. Like a whole section of a wall of family members and then this picture. Too precious!

This would be perfect for a little girls room. Or if the color was different, maybe in a living room. Or on a bookshelf. Your possibilities are endless.

Great reminder. especially on bad days.

This could also go in a nursery. I can't remember where I got this but I remember seeing something similar in blue. I tried doing this myself and kind of personalizing it more but it didn't work so great. I'll leave that to the professionals.

Now you can put pictures in your bathroom!! This would be great right next to the sing above a towel holder. So cute.

Fancy up your kitchen with this rustic sign. You can totally make this with some paint, vinyl letters, wood glue, and paint.
Get seasonal! This would be so cute as part of your Easter decorations.

I love it! You can put this in the hallway, living room, kitchen, where ever.

Look I can give credit to someone for this picture!! Lemonade Makin Mama has this great picture. I want one really bad. But I guess I should wait until I get married right? lol
Monogramming is beautiful! I love it. This would be great for a bed room or even a guest bedroom.

The middle one is my favorite.

Too funny! This would be great for a boys room or a baby boy's nursery.

Do you have any saying that you love? Do you have any pictures without pictures on your walls? Do you like any of these?

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Living Room Inspirations

Sorry everyone for going MIA. I've been busy, stressed, relaxed and everything in between. Over a week ago I did the post about the Kitchens (one of the most important places in my house). Now we are moving to the living room. The "I love" sentence will be used a lot in this post, so now your warned. On to the comfy living rooms.

I think this is more of a basement area but either way it is a "living" space so it works. I love all the random patters. Its like they all tie together. Now a white couch, uh, they must not have kids and if they do, they aren't aloud on this couch.

Hi My Name is Katie and I have an obsession with Zebra Print. I don't know why but here lately I just love love LOVE zebra stripes, you can ask Kala. However, I do have rules. No zebra print clothes. It doesn't work like that. Accessories, are an exception depending on what it is and what it looks like and what it is being paired with.

I'm a sucker for a sectional couch. (AND LOOK AT THE ZEBRA PILLOW!).

Built ins are so beautiful! and look at those stairs!!. Honey We're Home has a beautiful home. This chick has style and class :)

I LOVE the barn door style cabinets (I'm pretty sure they are cabinets). This living room is light, spacious and cozy. I can just see my self curling up on the couch when it is cold out side, warm outside, day or night!! Beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL!!

I really like the green. How many people do you know with that color on there walls and can pull it off!. I would really like this to be an office more than a living room but if this was my living room I would be pleased.
 One of my favorite color combos. Grey and yellow! I think I may pitch a fit like a 5 year old if I don't have that middle pillow. Simple and cute! The pillow to the right I would also love to have but Chris HATES rosettes, I however, love them!!

How do you like these living rooms? Anyone you know that has your dream living room? What about the small accessories? Do you have any accessories you can't live without?
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Country Kitchens

Nothing says comfort like a country kitchen. You can just walk right in and instantly feel comfortable and overall warm. Who wouldn't love to walk into a beautiful, rustic kitchen with lots of wood and the smell of biscuits cooking in the stove. Amazing! I will have a country kitchen even if it kills me!! Since I am a total foodie, the kitchen is the most important part of your home. It is the heart of the house. For some reason, most people gather in the kitchen rather than anywhere else. Here are some of my favorite kitchens thanks to Google. (All pictures were taken from Google Images. Not sure where they are from originally.)

This kitchen reminds me of Paula Deen. Don't ask me why it just does. I love how the stove has this like mantle over it. I also love the color of the cabinets. Not very often do you find people with white cabinets and pantries. I however, love it!! I don't like the huge sunflower arrangement in the middle of the picture. It kinda gets in the way of looking at the stove.

More white cabinets!! I love the island in the middle. It makes for more counter space to chop, prep, mingle, mince, decorate, blah, blah, blah. I also like the glass cabinets, so pretty (as long as you have pretty dished to put in there!). The contrast between dark floors and light everything else is just immaculate. There is so much drawer and cabinet space I wouldn't know what to do with it.

What's not to love about this kitchen?! What can I say, I'm a sucker for white. I also love the breakfast bar! That is a great place for Mel to eat breakfast and help cook. Did you see the huge MASSIVE sink!? I guess with a sink like that there shouldn't be a reason for dirty dishes. :)

How cute?!!? I don't know if I want this as my everyday kitchen. Maybe a vacation kitchen. I would need more cabinets. and I'm not too fond of the blue! I do like the yellow and the curtain skirt under the sink. Too cute!!

Now here is a blue that I can work with! I love the beams on the ceiling. This is a perfect median between dark and light, if that makes any sense.

Oh my granite!! How beautiful! Love the island and all the wood!

There's that white again! This one is just simply pretty! Nothing too special other than the island which, I love. (I think I'm over using the "I love" but there isn't another good word for it). 

I don't think there is anything in this picture that you could tell me you didn't like. It is just all around wonderful!

This is so unique! Yellow! and it isn't on the walls!! I have also never seen floor like that look good until I saw this picture. This is very vintage and so great!!

See what I mean? These kitchens are flawless!! Soon I will be house crashing, so look out for those fab houses. I already have a few lined up, I just need to get the pictures make time to take pictures.

Any kitchens you fell in love with? Does your kitchen look like this (if so I wanna see it!)? Do you like Country Kitchens or are you more modern?

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