Monday, June 20, 2011

10 Things...

Sorry I went MIA last week. Not sure what happen. I blinked and the week was over. It is very rare that I do a post on Monday so embrace it! I wanted to talk about 10 Things you don't know about me.....depending on who you are. I don't think most of the people close to me know ALL of these things. They probably know most but doubt it. So here we go:

1) I want to learn how to sew. I want to be able to make cute tops, purses, pillows, curtains, everything.
2) I online window shop A LOT! I go on clothes stores, shoe stores, home decor stores, anything and everything. And I LOVE to find new places or new people on Etsy!
3) I LOVE music! Everything I do there is music involved. I don't discriminate either. I love rap, rock, country, pop, everything!
4) With that being said, my inner soul wants to dance all the time SO bad but I don't for fear of embarrassment. I can't dance, so it would be more movement than actually dancing. Even if I'm locked in a room by myself, I can't just break out into random dance, like Torrance on Bring It On. If you don't know what I'm talking about just go with it.
5) With THAT being said, I care waayy too much about what other people think! I'm not afraid of sharing my opinion but I don't act or dress they I really want to because I care a lot about what other people say/think. It's a major down fall.
6) I believe in love/romantic movies. I think that it can happen. They may be naive of me but I think that everyone has their own fairytale. I totally believe everyone has their own romantic-love-mushy-movie. Whether it is funny or dramatic.
7) I really want me and Chris to take dance lessons. Not like once or twice. I want it to become a hobby of some kind. Like Dancing with the Stars style. I think Chris would enjoy it. He loves to dance. I do believe we watched Dirty Dancing one time and the exact words came out of his mouth "I can dance like that". I died laughing!
8) I want to learn how to do my hair aside from straightening and scrunching my hair. I just learned how to french braid my hair but I want cute up-dos like Lauren Conrad. I love the cute messy look.
9) I am really extremely bad about making excuses. I make excuses all the time. No matter what the case. I'll make an excuse. Which sucks because I regret it later.
10) I research more about workouts and healthy recipes than actually doing them. I will say when I was (i know thats another story for later *sad face*), I would print out workouts and I did try them. Have you ever tried working out from a piece of paper? Yeah well it's hard. And al the healthy recipes were expensive and I didn't have ANY of the ingredients at home. They were all extremely random and something I would only use once.

Can you relate to any of these? Any tips on how to fill my "I wants"? Do you use some of your down falls as motivation and how do you overcome them?

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