Thursday, June 2, 2011

Living Room Inspirations

Sorry everyone for going MIA. I've been busy, stressed, relaxed and everything in between. Over a week ago I did the post about the Kitchens (one of the most important places in my house). Now we are moving to the living room. The "I love" sentence will be used a lot in this post, so now your warned. On to the comfy living rooms.

I think this is more of a basement area but either way it is a "living" space so it works. I love all the random patters. Its like they all tie together. Now a white couch, uh, they must not have kids and if they do, they aren't aloud on this couch.

Hi My Name is Katie and I have an obsession with Zebra Print. I don't know why but here lately I just love love LOVE zebra stripes, you can ask Kala. However, I do have rules. No zebra print clothes. It doesn't work like that. Accessories, are an exception depending on what it is and what it looks like and what it is being paired with.

I'm a sucker for a sectional couch. (AND LOOK AT THE ZEBRA PILLOW!).

Built ins are so beautiful! and look at those stairs!!. Honey We're Home has a beautiful home. This chick has style and class :)

I LOVE the barn door style cabinets (I'm pretty sure they are cabinets). This living room is light, spacious and cozy. I can just see my self curling up on the couch when it is cold out side, warm outside, day or night!! Beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL!!

I really like the green. How many people do you know with that color on there walls and can pull it off!. I would really like this to be an office more than a living room but if this was my living room I would be pleased.
 One of my favorite color combos. Grey and yellow! I think I may pitch a fit like a 5 year old if I don't have that middle pillow. Simple and cute! The pillow to the right I would also love to have but Chris HATES rosettes, I however, love them!!

How do you like these living rooms? Anyone you know that has your dream living room? What about the small accessories? Do you have any accessories you can't live without?
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  1. My kitchen walls are a green color and I just love it! But I really like that color green right now. I also love love love the yellow and gray combo... I'm thinking of painting my living room a light gray and accenting with yellow.

  2. I know right?! Green can either be really good or really bad. I LOVE the grey and yellow combo. My soon to be sister in law just changed her dinning room to a dark slate color and it has yellow accents. It is really pretty!