Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pictures Without Pictures

I am a picture FANATIC!! I love pictures. Especially in my house. Not necessarily all over the place and I know there are certain areas of the house that aren't suitable for pictures. Like the bathroom. Who wants to look at a beautiful picture of my family while they are on the commode. But I also love pictures that aren't pictures!! I like messages or cutsy stuff! They go great with a picture collage or in somewhere like a bathroom or laundry room. (I'm really bad about this but I'm getting better. I can't remember where I got all these pictures. I wish I could give credit where credit is due but I just didn't make note of it. So if you know where they came from let me know and I'll give them a shout out. Again, so sorry!)

This isn't exactly a picture. But it is still really cute and totally DIY!

How great is this quote? It's nice to have inspirational words around your house. Your guests will read it and their mood will instantly turn around.

This would be so cute in a nursery. It has the alphabet and I love you!

This would go great with a collage of pictures. Like a whole section of a wall of family members and then this picture. Too precious!

This would be perfect for a little girls room. Or if the color was different, maybe in a living room. Or on a bookshelf. Your possibilities are endless.

Great reminder. especially on bad days.

This could also go in a nursery. I can't remember where I got this but I remember seeing something similar in blue. I tried doing this myself and kind of personalizing it more but it didn't work so great. I'll leave that to the professionals.

Now you can put pictures in your bathroom!! This would be great right next to the sing above a towel holder. So cute.

Fancy up your kitchen with this rustic sign. You can totally make this with some paint, vinyl letters, wood glue, and paint.
Get seasonal! This would be so cute as part of your Easter decorations.

I love it! You can put this in the hallway, living room, kitchen, where ever.

Look I can give credit to someone for this picture!! Lemonade Makin Mama has this great picture. I want one really bad. But I guess I should wait until I get married right? lol
Monogramming is beautiful! I love it. This would be great for a bed room or even a guest bedroom.

The middle one is my favorite.

Too funny! This would be great for a boys room or a baby boy's nursery.

Do you have any saying that you love? Do you have any pictures without pictures on your walls? Do you like any of these?

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  1. I need to figure out how to cut vinyl with my cricut. I tried making an established sign but it didn't turn out as cute. I love all the free printables you can find in blogland.

  2. To be honest I have no idea what a cricut is lol. I also don't know if they sell sheets of vinyl letters and kind of free hand it with a razor and use like a stencil of some kind?...Maybe. I get all my decals and things from my soon to be hubby's work. He has connections through his work to get decals pretty cheap. However I would like to try the vinyl letters thing on my own. Hmm. You got me thinking now :)

  3. Thanks for the great round up! I especially love the "brush your teeth" one, cute :)