Sunday, September 4, 2011

What is wrong with me??

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Ok. I'm super sorry. As a matter of fact it is completely unacceptable! Forgive me?? Anyway I've either been super busy or super lazy. I finally have a phone i can do posts on. Hopefully. So here is a quick little run down. My bestest friend is expecting a little one so i can stop sending her pictures. I also just got my first sewing machine but it is broken so i have to fix it. School just started and we have a kindergartener on our hands. However u would think she is 15. I also made melania a t-shirt. (i say made but i just kinda decorated it) but still. And i have to admit....i have become a....pinterest junkie. I can't help it. Its like i have everything all at once in my face and it is simply amazing. If u haven't joined your totally missing out. that recaps it. Hopefully i will be back next week!!