Thursday, January 6, 2011

Out With the Old In With The New

In the spirit of the new year, I have thrown out some old things and brought in the new! The changes you might notice right off the bat would be the new banner, the background, layout, all the good blogger stuff!!! But most importantly THE NAME!!! I went from

Simply Katie


I chose the name HunnyBee Blog because it just sounds cozy and friendly and I don't know it was just heavy on my heart!   

I am sooo excited about the new changes!! 2011 has started off great!! There will be so many new projects going on. I am in a refinishing mood!! I want to build, decorate, craft, and cook like a CRAZY woman!!! Be sure to follow me to see all the new projects I will be accomplishing attempting this year!!


  1. Love the new name and header! Just awesome! Can't wait to see all the fun to come :)

  2. Thanks you! I am super stoked!!

  3. Super cute blog Katie! I'm looking forward to seeing all your craftiness :)

  4. @ Katie--

    I cook the chicken/ground beef beforehand. :)

  5. @Momof4azkids - Thanks!

    @Aliese - Awesome I'll definitly try it!