Friday, January 21, 2011

Jenny McCarthy's Books

I haven't picked up a book in gosh knows how long. But I was over at my boyfriend's brother's house (wouldn't it just be easier to say brother-in-law or sister-in-law, oh well) and Heather, the brother's wife, let me borrow Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy. Before I took it home, I read a few pages and I couldn't put it down! I love it! She is extremely raw and in your face about pregnancy. So it took me a week to read the whole book. It wasn't a huge book but it was a book nonetheless. Some of the things she talks about it "Pooping on the Table", hemorrhoids, "Pycho Chick",  wearing the MuuMuu and much more.

Then I returned the book back to Heather. Only because Chris was returning some movies to them and grabbed the book too. (Otherwise I might have kept it for myself..sshhh!!). But when we returned this, she gave me her next book, Baby Laughs. By this point I am starting to fall in love with Jenny McCarthy's books. She is just so funny and isn't afraid to tell you how it is. Baby Laughs was a little bit different. Just as funny but she touches subjects most moms wouldn't. She talks about being a new mom, the troubles, the fun and everything else. Some chapters include "Move Over, Mrs. Cleaver! There's a New Bitch In Town.", "Ouch, My Udders Hurt!", "Hey Dude! Easy With That Scalple". 

So now that I have read 2 Jenny McCarthy books in 2 weeks, I had to go for more. I was in Target looking around in the book section (I don't recommend buying books from there, not a very good selection) and came across another book of hers. Love, Lust, and Faking It. Love the title, love her, sound like a great book! I started and so far she is hilarious. I didn't get to finish it yet because I haven't been home much and keep forgetting it home, I haven't been able to buckle down and read it. But so far so good!

After I get done reading this one. I really, REALLY want to read Life Laughs by Jenny McCarthy. So that is next on my list.

Is it weird I like to read pregnancy and baby books if I've never had a baby or have ever been pregnant? What book have you read lately? Any non-fiction books you love? Or maybe have a favorite author?


  1. Loving the blog Katie! And no, it's not weird what books you like. Besides, I've heard great things about these books too! My favorite author is Elizabeth George. She's not non-fiction, she's a murder mystery author. She's wonderful though if you like those kinds of books!

  2. I'm always to give books a try. I tried reading The Last Song and it hasn't made me want to pick it up right after I set it down. You know what I mean. But thanks for the new author! I'll look her up!

  3. Love your blog! Just wanted to let you know we gave you a blog award!! Check it out here....

    Karen & SueAnn