Tuesday, February 22, 2011

iPhone Photography

A couple weekends ago I "dabbled" in some iPhone Photography. Yes, I used my iPhone to take pictures at the good ol' Wal-Mart. Me and my niece, Britni, were killing time while my sister, Brandi, was checked the sodium on everything and decided on some a lot of groceries for the week. Anyway, me and Britni started taking pictures of the Fruit and Veggies. I don't remember my reasoning and the next thing you know, Britni is saying "here put this like this" and "oh wait that has a black spot" and "turn list sideways". She was my trusty assistant. So here are our results. Some came out kind of blurry but remember, iPhone Photography is not going to be perfect.

Avocado. Britni wasn't a supporter of the Acocado. I do remember her not helping and saying "ewwww".

Bell Peppers. We decided to make this one colorful!!

Broccoli. Love brocolli. This was the first picture taken and Britni was standing next to her mom convincening her to buy something because, "dad would like this, it's healthy" and Brandi saying "it's not healthy BUT if you want it go ahead" :). Then Britni saw what I was doing and decided to help and be a part of this easy, mindless, fun, "photography".

Cucumbers!! Gotta love the cucumbers!!

Green Apples. These delicious apples definitely don't look like they are in the best shape. Where was Britni on this one?

Green Beans. They look poorly colored. Like they aren't at there prime or something.

Green Peppers. MMmmm!!!

Habanero Peppers! We definitely didn't adjust these. Just touching these, and rubbing your eyes can be a catastrophe. Go ahead and YouTube people eating it. I promise they aren't being overly dramatic. On a better note, I think this picture turned out the best.

Jalapenos. They look a little wilted and shriveled.

Limes!! I could eat these like oranges. I know, it's terrible for your teeth but I love them!

Pineapples. I am still trying to master cutting one of these. But the hard work is definitely worth it.

So what did we learn here? Maybe not all of Wal-Marts produce is the best? NO, that it doesn't matter what your taking a picture with you can capture the essence of anything, depending on the moment......and what it is. Ok that didn't make any sense I just wanting there to be a good reason why I did this.

Have you taken any pictures of produce? Do you like the fruits and veggies at Wal-Mart? What about any favorite fruit and vegetables I didn't capture?

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  1. You know I love this post :) The pineapples are my favorite! You missed the strawberries though! But great fun. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Actually I don't even think I saw strawberries. Those are one of my favorite fruits so I think I would have noticed them but darn!! I wish I saw them!!