Thursday, February 24, 2011

Milkshake Madness!!

A few weeks ago, not even sure what day, we (Me, Chris, and Mel) were at my sister's house just hangin' out, as usual. Then a light bulb went off in Chris's head that we should have a movie and milkshake night. Before it was even decided on whether or not we were actually going to, he had already told the little ones. And we all know you can't tell kids about milkshakes and not do it (just for the record, I couldn't have said no to milkshakes)!! So the ladies scurried off to the store to get the stuff to make the best milkshakes ever!!! We came back and Brandi was the one to run the heavy duty machinery blender. We had a few people want strawberry (my fav!), chocolate, and vanilla. We just bought a BIG tub of vanilla ice cream and added all the necessary flavoring to get the right flavor. Here is our Milkshake Madness!!

Here was the messy counter. Blender, chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, vanilla, and frozen strawberries (genius idea!!). So messy but soooo delicious!!

First we did vanilla. (We had to wait for the frozen strawberries to de-thaw.) Oops, I don't have a picture of the vanilla!

Next we did the chocolate:

Chocolate milkshake with Reece's Peanut Butter Cups drizzled with Chocolate syrup and topped with MORE Reece's Peanut Butter Cup!!! Talk about scrumptious!!!

Next was the best one ever!! Strawberry Milkshake!!!!

(Sorry kinda blurry) This is vanilla ice cream with frozen strawberries and a little bit of strawberry syrup. I already want some more just looking at it!!

Looks great right?! Well we're not done! Yeah, there's more!

Oh yeah! We sooo went there. It makes sense right. I mean, chocolate covered strawberries are delicious, why not add chocolate to a strawberry milkshake?


Beautiful! I actually didn't expect the chocolate to stay on top but it did for the short time it was still in my cup. :)

So yummy!! You really need to do the frozen strawberries if you haven't already!! AND it is starting to get warmer outside so it makes the perfect dessert or afternoon snack with the kiddos!!

Have you made any yummy milkshakes lately? What is your favorite flavor? Do you have any recipes we should try?

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