Friday, May 6, 2011

Introducing....The NEW Tupperware Lady!!

Oh yeah, that's right! I am officially a Tupperware Lady and I'm loving every bit of it!!

I hosted a Tupperware Party on April 29th and used that as my Grand Opening! I pick up my kit today, which I am totally excited about. I am as excited as a fat kid in a candy store, or a kid on Christmas, or a...well you get it.

I also have a Tupperware website!! You can click the Tupperware picture on the right of my blog to go directly to my website. So go Order stuff and if you interested in becoming a consultant let me know I'd love to have you on my team!!!

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  1. Hey Katie! Remember to save me a catalog to take to work! I know I can get you lots of customers!

  2. Definitely!! I only had like 5 catalogs from the party so I wanted to hold onto them as long as I could. But now I have more so I will be sure to give one to you. If I go to Brandi's tonight or Tomorrow I will leave one with Nanny and Kenny can get one tomorrow!!

  3. If you haven't heard yet, Brandon has pink eye. So he won't be at Brandi's tomorrow. But definitely leave one there or send one home with him when we are back over there.