Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Coolest Things Since Sliced Bread

Have you every seen something and said "WOW!! That is the coolest thing since sliced bread!!" Well I said that about 1,000,000 times looking through all the cool Tupperware products. Oh yes, that's right more Tupperware!!

I know that I am selling a consultant now but I really am not trying to get you to buy everything. It would be nice, but not my main motive. I just want to show you some of the awesome gadgets to make your life way easier. Now for the Tupperware Sales pitch: Tupperware truly lasts forever! You see your grandmother's old Tupperware that she still uses from the salt and pepper shakers, to the jello molds! So it is worth every penny spent on these products. 

On to the products, going in no particular order.

FridgeSmart Containers. The FridgeSmart Containers are genius. It is so much better than plastic bags or other containers. The front of the container has vents that allow just enough air to come into the container and keep everything fresh. On the side of the container is a guide on what fruits and veggies need either both vents closed, one open or both open. The average family of four discards 24 pounds of fresh produce every month. This will definitely turn that around.

Girl's Camo Lunch Set. So cute! They even have blue for the boys. They also have a lunch set for moms and dads (doesn't contain the same items). This set comes with a the lunch box, Sandwich Keeper, Snack Cup, and a 12 oz Tumbler. So with this, you save on baggies, and on disposable cups/pouch drinks.

Healthy Salad on the Go Set. I have one on the way!! Comes with a fork and knife and a cup for salad dressing. All fits together to make salads on the go so easy. Now you don't have an excuse as to why your not eating healthy!!

Season Serve Container. This a great product for the marinade lovers! I personally love to marinade especially deer meat and chicken. It has a built in grid on the base and allows the juices to flow! AND it keeps the raw meats off other food in the fridge therefore stopping contaminating your foods.

Speghetti Dispenser. Keep your pantry organized with this. No more ugly Boxes!!

Squeeze It Decorator. Isn't this just great! No bags, no hard times to fill it up! All you have to do is unscrew the bottom fill it up, pick a tip, and decorate! Its so easy and so small, therefore easier to control.

TupperWave Stack Cooker Starter Set. This one is one of my favorites. This product can cook a cake in the MICROWAVE in 9 minutes (depending on the microwave)!!!!!!!!!!!!! Craziness right?!?! I swear it works!!! I used it this past weekend twice! Once on Saturday for a Mother's Day Cookout and again on Mother's day. It is so moist! You can even cook other things such as whole chickens, veggies, etc.  This is just the starter kit. The complete system comes with soo much more!!

Super Cereal Storer. One word: ORGANIZATION! I love how this makes my pantry look so sleek. Cereal doesn't get eaten as fast in my house so we said good by to stale cereal a long time ago! No more wasting food!

Vent 'N Serve Set. Another one of my favorites. I only have 2 pieces to the set but TRUST me I will be getting more. It is great for reheating my lunch! All you have to do is pop the tab up and put it in the microwave. It reheats food without burning the outside and keeping the inside cold. It also doesn't stain!! It keeps your food from decorating the inside of the microwave or other peoples decoration from falling in your food!! Yuucckk!! AND the handles don't get hot at all! No more pot holders.

Like I said I'm not trying to get you to buy all these items. I am introducing you to the new, organized, healthy way of living! HOWEVER if you are interested in ordering you can go to my.tupperware.com/deankatie66  or click the Tupperware Button on the right side of my blog and order online. Below is how you order!

Choose the catalog you want to look at and shop away!!

Do you have any favorite pieces of Tupperware? Does anyone you know use Tupperware? Any items not listed that your looking for? Or a something you need for your pantry?

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