Thursday, March 17, 2011

More Wedding Inspirations/Ideas

Ok. I know, I know. Your probably saying "stop getting inspiration and do it!!" But since we have pushed the wedding back a until next year, I have a lot more time to get my thoughts together and find exactly what we I want. The only thing I think I am struggling with is finding an affordable, nice, outdoor wedding location. They are either really expensive or extremely picky. At this point I am almost tempting to get married in someone's back yard. (I would like to avoid that but the day will still be perfect if it is.) So onto the inspiration!!!!

I found this wedding online. I have seen it on a couple different websites but I just love it. It is almost exactly what I am looking for. I love those bridesmaids dresses. HOWEVER, she bought them at Anthropology and they are really super expensive. It is the perfect length and it has that casual sundress feel to it.

This is the colors of the dresses. I really like the dark brown. Green? Not so much. I also love how all the girls are wearing different boots. Different styles, different colors and it works. It works really well!

(I told you I loved this wedding!) I love the "arch" behind them. It is very rustic and wilderness-y (yeah I made that word up, so!) and perfect. AND what a cute kiss. You can tell they really love each other.

How CUTE is this??!!! It is a great desert and a easy way to serve it to people. However, it would need to be done fast because room temperature mill, eekk!!! But really cute idea!

I really like the white string of lights and the candle centerpieces. Perfect for an outdoor, evening reception!

I originally saw something similar on another website. The other one's I saw looked homemade (huge plus!) and was very woodsy. Just love it!!

I saw this and fell in love with the idea. I think it would be great for a small wedding. So if it is a big wedding, we may need a huge stump. That would be a major FAIL!

Another issue I have run into. I can't find a good bridesmaid dress. I know it may be really soon to be looking at those but I don't want to pass up the chance if I found one I love and it isn't available around the time of the wedding. I also don't want the dress to be expensive because it is an outdoor wedding and the boots will probably be expensive.

I love these cookies. This doesn't look like Royal icing but it still has the style I want. I really like these as favor ideas. I want to have a huge favor party and make a bunch of these. I also would do a regular monogram (cursive K M C).
(Picture(s) Source: Google Images)

Do you have any suggestions for Outdoor, North Georgia Wedding venues? What about tips on how to find the perfect inexpensive bridesmaids dresses? Any tips on cookie making with Royal Icing? Any other thoughts or tips I should know?

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  1. Congrats on the upcoming wedding! I love this post! The colors are gorgeous and being a photographer myself I am so drawn to these photos! I found your blog via Spearmint Baby! Goodluck!

  2. I LOVE this wedding too! The boots, arch, cool! Take your time and enjoy getting inspired--that's half the fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm following you back!

  3. Thanks yall!! I have so much googling all the wedding stuff! I am making steps in the wedding process and I will definitely keep everyone updated! I will also be asking lots of questions as I am new at this! Don't be strangers!!

  4. Some really good wedding sites with affordable ideas are:
    (Her archives are full of great ideas.)
    (It's like the knot for people who aren't millionaires.)