Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Homemade Croutons

I made these a long time ago and just haven't had the time to add them. But now...it's time! I made these when I started my diet. I know, their not THAT healthy but I had left overs and needed to use them (I'll get to that in a minute). Melania loved them and they were just like the store bought stuff. To be completely honest, it was REALLY hard not taking a few as I pasted by the pantry. AND they were so easy to make, I made it before dinner while Melania played outside and Chris was doing who knows what.

Let's get started!! You will need Bagel's (which I can have but only a half in one "meal", no fun!), Extra Light Olive Oil OR Extra Virgin Olive Oil OR Regular Olive Oil, Garlic Salt, and Parsley Flakes.

(We have a mix of Kroger Brand and Publix. What can I say, I'm a little cheap!)
(I forgot to take a picture of the ingredients until after I cut the bagel, oops!!!)

Next you need to cut the bagels. I used 3 whole bagels, because that is what I had. Just dice it up. You can use small pieces or bigger pieces. Keep in mind that the bigger pieces will take longer to cook toast.

Next line aluminum foil on a cookie sheet. I love aluminum foil! It keeps the pan completely clean and all I have to do is throw away the aluminum foil. Now put the bagels on the pan and "drizzle" with the olive oil of your choice.

(Sorry for the crappy picture. Have you ever tried taking a picture while moving with the other hand? Maybe I'm just not coordinated enough, I don't know)

Then your going to sprinkle the Garlic Salt (or powder, whatever you have) and the Parsley Flakes (you can leave these out if you don't have any). I wasn't even going to attempt to take a picture while poring those on there. I can see myself being more concentrated on the picture rather than the food and poor way too much Garlic Salt. Gross!

Toss it all together!!

Now throw it in a Preheated 400 degree oven. Side Note: Any of my recipes that involve the oven is usually on 400 unless I am baking or the directions say otherwise. (Yeah sometimes I cook from a box, I'm not super woman!)

Midway through, pull them out and toss them together or shake the pan to move them around. You want all sides to get toasted.

Cook them for about 15-20 minutes. I never time anything unless I'm baking. You will be able to tell when these are done. Here is a trick, take them out when you think that are almost done. A lot of times they keep cooking even when you pull them out of the oven. For instance, when I took them out the middle was soft but after it sat and cooled off, it became a true crouton.

Yumm!! They really are good and Melania loved them. We actually had Grilled Chicken Salads one night and she definitely didn't forget to add some of these. (She is 5 and loves salad but we have to constantly tell her to eat her burger or pb&j, what's up with that??)

Anyway! After they sit for a minute or two put them on a plate with a paper towel on it. So that the extra oil will get absorbed.

Store in an air tight container and your good to go!!!

Do you have any really easy recipes that you or your kids love? Any box meals that are healthy and cheap that your family loves? Have you taken leftovers and turned them into something great?

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  2. Katie I saw your blog on the Spearmint Baby hop. Your blog & family are adorable and thank you so much for sharing these crouton tips!