Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Redneck Baby Blanket

I went to a Baby Shower (who doesn't love those?) this past weekend. I was going to play it safe with a baby bath set or something off of her registry BUT I was feeling like I needed a project to do. So I figure I would make a soft baby blanket. I wanted to make it as unique and as special the new little blessing that is on the way. With Paige (momma) being a southern cutie I had to tie in the Mossy Oak Camo and little flair of pink since she is having a girl! I went to Joannes (which is now one of my favorite stores ever!!) and picked out the fabric. I did my homework by calling ahead of time to make sure they had what I was looking for. I know everyone carries the classic blotchy camo but I wanted the real stuff, twigs and all. I purchased a yard and a half to make sure it was big enough for the baby yet big enough for momma to cuddle with too. Next morning, I cracked down on making the blanket.

First, I started by layering the fabric one on top of the other. I started withe the camo on top but as I was cutting the strips it was harder to see with it being darker than the pink.
Can't forget my little helper!
Then I started cutting strips of both pieces of fabric. You will need make them sort of long so that you have enough room to tie them together.
The corners are a little tricky. You can either cut it like how I have in the picture or you can make the whole corner piece one big knot. I cut all the strips for one side then started to tie it.

To tie the pieces, take one strip of fabric from the top and the strip of fabric directly under it and tie a simple know. If you have enough room, you may want to double knot it just in case.

Keep repeating until you get all the sides done. Soon you will have a perfect blanket!

You can use any type of fabric and any material. I am a HUGE fan of the fleece on one side and another fabric on the other side. It contrasts well. Let me know how yours turns out!!


  1. that is so cute..good work!


  2. I love making these for gifts! I also love the title of the post lol.